Manual Monitoring Template

Manual monitoring template allows you to add the selected instances to the monitoring list by specifying connection strings manually.

To configure monitoring using the manual monitoring template, perform the following steps:

  1. In the System Center Operations Manager console, navigate to Authoring | Management Pack Templates, right-click Azure SQL MI - Manual, and select Add Monitoring Wizard….

    Screenshot showing the Run Add Monitoring Wizard.

  2. At the Monitoring Type step, select Azure SQL MI - Manual, and select Next.

    Screenshot showing the Select monitoring type.

  3. At the General Properties step, enter a name and description, and from the Select destination management pack dropdown list, select a management pack that you want to use to store the template.

    Screenshot showing the Select destination management pack.

    You can also create a new management pack by selecting New.

    Screenshot showing the Create new management pack.

  4. At the Service Details step, select Add Instances.

    Screenshot showing the Configure service details.

  5. In the Add Instances window, select a Run As Account with the appropriate SQL credentials, and specify data sources and (or) connection strings. Follow the instructions provided in the wizard to avoid errors.

    Screenshot showing the Add instances.

    Use the standard security connection string format to specify the connection settings:


    You can get a connection string for a managed instance using the Azure portal.

    To create a Run As account from the connection string, use the following format:

    Server=<ServerAddress>;Database=<DatabaseName>;User Id=<UserName>;Password=<Password>;

    You can also create a new Run As account by selecting New and specifying an account name and connection credentials to access the managed instance.

    Screenshot showing the Configure Run As account.

    After you select OK in the Add Instances window, a connection test will be performed.

    Screenshot showing the Connection test.

    After the connection test is complete, you can view and edit the properties of the added instance. For that, select an instance and select Edit Instance.


    The monitoring template wizard may show the following error: "An error occurred discovery: A connection was successfully established with the server, but then an error occurred during the login process" or the “Monitoring error” exception while checking connection. For more information, see Known Issues and Troubleshooting.

    Screenshot showing the Edit instance parameters.

  6. At the Summary step, review the monitoring settings and select Create.

    Screenshot showing the Review summary.