Mapping Active Directory Domain Services attributes to properties in System Center - Service Manager


This version of Service Manager has reached the end of support. We recommend you to upgrade to Service Manager 2022.

Using an Active Directory connector, Service Manager synchronizes data with the User, Group, Computer, and Printer Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) objects. The following tables describe the mapping between the attributes of the Active Directory objects and the corresponding Service Manager class properties.


The following table describes the mapping between the attributes of the Active Directory User object and the Service Manager Microsoft.AD.User class properties.

Active Directory user attribute Microsoft.AD.User property
physicaldeliveryofficename Office
displayname displayname
company Company
employeeid Employeeid
department Department
telephonenumber BusinessPhone
homePhone HomePhone
facsimileTelephoneNumber Fax
mobile Mobile
pager Pager
mail Email
givenname FirstName
initials Initials
sn LastName
distinguishedname Distinguishedname
title Title
manager manager
samaccountname UserName
l City
StreetAddress StreetAddress
st State
postalCode Zip
co Country
localeID Locale
msRTCSIP-PrimaryUserAddress SipAddress
objectSid SID
Domain Domain


The following table describes the mapping between the attributes of the Active Directory Group object and the Service Manager Microsoft.AD.UserBase class properties.

Active Directory group attribute Microsoft.AD.UserBase property
displayname displayname
mail Email
distinguishedname Distinguishedname
samaccountname samaccountname
objectSid SID
Domain Domain


The following table describes the mapping between the attributes of the Active Directory PrintQueue object and the Service Manager Microsoft.AD.Printer class properties.

Active Directory printer attribute Microsoft.AD.Printer property
uNCName uNCName
serverName serverName
shortServerName shortServerName
printerName printerName
printNetworkAddress printNetworkAddress
printShareName printShareName
isDeleted isDeleted
driverName driverName
driverVersion driverVersion
printMemory printMemory
printCollate printCollate
printOwner printOwner
assetNumber assetNumber
managedBy managedBy
printDuplexSupported printDuplexSupported
printColor printColor
printStaplingSupported printStaplingSupported
versionNumber versionNumber
url url
printMediaSupported printMediaSupported
printRateUnit printRateUnit
printMaxXExtent printMaxXExtent
printKeepPrintedJobs printKeepPrintedJobs
printRate printRate
printMediaReady printMediaReady
printPagesPerMinute printPagesPerMinute
printMaxResolutionSupported printMaxResolutionSupported
printMACAddress printBinNames
printMACAddress printMACAddress
portName portName
physicalLocationObject physicalLocationObject
keywords keywords
printNotify printNotify
wWWHomePage wWWHomePage
whenChanged whenChanged
modifyTimeStamp modifyTimeStamp
location location
canonicalName canonicalName
displayname displayname
cn Fullname
distinguishedname Distinguishedname
description description


The following table describes the mapping between the attributes of the Active Directory Computer object and the Service Manager Microsoft.Windows.Computer class properties.

Active Directory computer attribute Microsoft.Windows.Computer property
msDS-SiteName ActiveDirectorySite
dNSHostName DNSName
ipHostNumber IPAddress
networkAddress NetworkName
msDS-PrincipalName PrincipalName
displayname displayname
samaccountname NetbiosComputerName
objectSid ActiveDirectoryObjectSid
ou OrganizationalUnit
Domain NetbiosDomainName