What can I do with the TakeLessons app for iOS?

Browse and Add Upcoming TakeLessons Live Classes

Browse and register for upcoming TakeLessons Live classes from the Home Tab.

(To see classes in a different subject, tap the subject at the top of the page.)


Manage your schedule of TakeLessons Live classes and private lessons

Tap the Schedule tab to see all upcoming private lessons and TakeLessons Live classes.


Tap on a class from the schedule to view and/or edit your class registration


Join Online Classes

Once you’ve registered for a TakeLessons Live class, you can join right from your mobile device. Tapping the class on your Schedule, then tap Join Class

The Join Class button will become active 30 minutes before the class start time.


View your TakeLessons Live Progress

In the Progress tab, you can view:  

  • How many classes you have completed on in each TakeLessons Live subject syllabus
  • How many classes you have attended in total
  • Any badges you have earned through TakeLessons Live
  • View journal entries for your TakeLessons Live and private online lessons


View Lesson Recordings

In the Journal Entries section, under the Progress tab, you can view:  

  • Videos of your private online lessons your teacher recorded for you
  • Text shared in the chat during group classes or private online lessons.
  • Files shared by your TakeLessons live, or private online, teacher during your group classes or private lessons.



Manage your Classroom Settings and Push Notifications

In the Settings tab, you can:  

  • Edit your account information. Such as name, contact information, and birth date.
  • Manage push notifications
  • Change your password
  • Pay your monthly bill
  • Add or update a payment method
  • Enable your audio and video for TakeLessons Classroom

Pay your monthly bill for private lessons

Students who have enabled monthly recurring billing can pay their monthly bill, using their credit card on file. (Learn more)

To pay your recurring bill, open the Settings tab, tap Billing Information, and tap Pay Now.


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