Why are all lessons required to be paid in advance?

Our teachers take the time to build customized lesson plans for each of their students, as well as, prep for each scheduled lesson. As a result, in order to schedule lessons with your teacher and reserve their time, we require lessons to be paid in advance. 

Lessons are typically purchased in advance as part of an initial lesson package and/or as part of a recurring monthly bill. In the event one of your upcoming lessons with your teacher is unpaid, we will notify you via email and ask that you log into your account to pay prior to attending that lesson.  

Rest assured that even though lessons are required to be paid in advance, you are covered by our flexible refund policy that allows you to get a refund for any unused lesson credits within the first 90 days of your purchase. So there is no risk to paying for lessons in advance. If something changes, give us a call and we can issue you a refund.