How do I change my billing date from my iPhone or iPad?

About your monthly bill date

All TakeLessons students pay for lessons in advance.  If you have a Recurring Lesson Schedule with a set day and time, you will receive a monthly bill for all lessons in the upcoming month.

(Learn more about billing for recurring schedules, or how to reserve a recurring schedule with your teacher.)

With a Monthly Recurring plan, you can choose your bill date. For example, if your bill date is June 11th, your bill will include all unpaid lessons scheduled with your teachers between June 12th and July 11th. The bill date is automatically set based on the first scheduled lesson, but this can be adjusted to a day of the month of your choice.

Change your monthly bill date in the iOS App

  1. Log in to the iOS App for students and go to Profile from the options listed at the bottom. Select Billing Information.


  1. Select Manage billing settings


  1. Under Monthly Bill Date, tap the day of the month you currently have selected.


  1. Scroll through the days of the month until you find the date you wish to be billed on, then tap Close to save the change.


NOTE: When adjusting your bill date, keep in mind the date of your last paid lesson, to avoid unpaid lessons in your new billing cycle. All unpaid lessons, until your next Bill Date, will need to be covered by a manual payment in your account to attend those lessons. 

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