Student Support | Why am I getting a notification about a lesson being "unpaid"?

Here are the most common reasons a student can receive an "unpaid" lesson notification:

  • you are a student who is on our monthly billing plan and have used up all of your paid lessons. This can happen if you have already taken all of your paid lessons and still have more upcoming lessons scheduled before your next monthly bill. Any lessons scheduled in between now and your next monthly bill will be listed as unpaid and must be paid individually.

  • you are a student who has already paid for lessons (and still may have paid lessons remaining), but your teacher has scheduled additional lesson(s) for you that does not match the price of the lessons you originally purchased. This can occur if a lesson is extended or shortened, causing the price not to match. If you still have paid lesson credits remaining we can exchange those credits to help cover the cost of an unpaid lesson - just give us a call at 877-231-8505 option #3. Or you can log into your account and pay for this lesson separately.

As a reminder, unpaid lessons need to be purchased at least 24 hours prior to the lesson day/time to avoid cancellation. Unpaid lessons can be paid for from the dashboard of your online student account.