How do I cancel or reschedule a TakeLessons Live class?

As a TakeLessons Live subscriber, you can register for unlimited group classes through TakeLessons Live every month!

If you register for a class and later discover you can't make it to the session, you can cancel your registration from your online student account.

  1. In your Student Dashboard, click on the Schedule tab at the top.


  1. Locate the date of the class you wish to cancel and select the gear icon in the top right. Click Remove from Calendar.


  1. Select "Confirm Cancellation."


  1. A notification will appear at the top of your account.


Your group class will no longer appear on your agenda for the day it was scheduled.

NOTE: Since group classes occur on a set schedule, they cannot be re-scheduled. Instead, you can register for a similar upcoming group class. You can register for more group classes from your TakeLessons Live page, or from your Student Dashboard.

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