How can I put my lessons on hold (taking a break)?

If you are taking a short break from lessons, you can easily cancel multiple lessons directly from the Schedule page in your online student account. If you are on our Recurring Lesson Schedule, you will only be charged for upcoming lessons that are scheduled (you will not be charged if they have been canceled).   

We recommend also notifying your teacher directly to let them know which lessons you will be canceling. This will help ensure that your calendar reflects the correct marking for each canceled class. 

STEP 1 From your Schedule, locate the lesson you want to cancel and click the gear icon. Click Cancel Event to cancel your lesson.

If you are on a recurring schedule, your canceled class will roll forward to cover your next unpaid lesson. 


STEP 2 We also recommend writing a quick comment to your teacher with your reason for canceling the lesson


If the gear icon is not showing up on your lesson, it means it's too late to cancel or reschedule that lesson through your account. The gear icon becomes unavailable starting at 24 hours prior to your lesson.  If your lesson is less than 24 hours away, please contact your teacher directly to make arrangements for that specific lesson. 

Extended Breaks

If you plan on missing more than a full month of lessons our Student Support team will be happy to assist you, as we want to be courteous to your instructor's time.  

Lessons placed on hold will be available to schedule for up to 90 days. Contact our Support Team to discuss your account if you have been on break longer than 90 days and do not see your credits on the Dashboard

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