Error: "Stream was unable to connect due to a network error."

When TakeLessons Classroom displays the image below, your browser is unable to establish a sufficient connection to the internet.  


The steps below may help resolve this technical issue. However, we also recommend discussing a back up platform in the event that you have trouble connecting through your primary video platform choice. Some popular options include Skype, Google Hangouts, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams.

On a private network?

If you are trying to take a group class or private 1:1 lesson from a secure network, you may be behind a firewall preventing your access to the video stream.  Some examples of these private networks are:

  • Private office networks, secured with passwords
  • College or university campuses
  • Networks set up by businesses, with a firewall

Behind a firewall, on an unsecured network?

Turn off Windows firewall

Turn off Mac firewall

Unreliable internet connection?

If you are not joining from a private network, and are not behind a firewall, your internet connection may be unreliable:

  • If possible, connect directly to a router with an ethernet cable.
  • Close other programs, applications, or streaming services that may be using bandwidth on your internet connection.
  • Click here to learn more about internet connection guidelines for TakeLessons Classroom.

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