I'm hearing an echo or feedback

The steps below should resolve most echo or feedback issues if the error is related to the TakeLessons Classroom. However, we also recommend discussing a back up platform in the event that you have trouble connecting through your primary video platform choice.

  1. Are you logged in through multiple devices / tabs?
  2. Did you forget to exit the classroom in another browser?
  3. Your microphone is picking up sound coming through your speakers.  Use headphones or a headset with microphone.

Echo / feedback can be caused by:

  • Speakers that are too loud, being picked up by the microphone
  • A bad or malfunctioning microphone
  • Echo-cancellation device (e.g. in headphones) has failed
  • User is logged in on multiple devices, or in multiple browser tabs

Instantly diagnose tech issues here:



Still having trouble?  Contact Student Support.

If the issue persists, or support is not available, we suggest using an alternate online platform. Some popular options include Skype, Google Hangouts, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams.