How do I activate TakeLessons Classroom for a current online student?

If you originally taught a TakeLessons student through Skype or another video-chat platform, you can activate TakeLessons Classroom through your teacher account.

Activate TakeLessons Classroom for a current online student

  1. Log in to your TakeLessons teacher account and click Roster from the Scheduling tab.


  1. Find your student in your Roster list.

(Can’t find your student? Select All, or use the search feature.)


  1. Click your student’s name to open their Student Details page.


  1. In your student’s Details page, click Settings.


  1. Click Upgrade to TakeLessons Classroom

(If you don't see the banner below, call our Teacher Support Team at 619-560-5693, and explain you'd like to activate TakeLessons Classroom for your student.)


  1. When you have successfully activated TakeLessons Classroom for your student, you'll see a confirmation


  1. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for all online students you'd like to teach through TakeLessons Classroom.

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