TakeLessons Classroom system requirements for teachers

With TakeLessons Classroom, teaching online has never been easier.


To get started, all you need is:

  1. Any desktop or laptop computer less than 5 years old
  2. An up to date web browser (We recommend Google Chrome)
  3. A fast, reliable internet connection
  4. A webcam
  5. A headset with a microphone, or an external microphone and speakers

That's it! You won't need to download any software or pay any fees. 

Our most successful Classroom teachers recommend:

  • Connect to the internet with an Ethernet cable to ensure the fastest connection with the least lag, delay, or interruption. If you can't plug in a cable, get as close to your router as possible.
  • Don't use a "hotspot" on a mobile device to connect to the internet. Likewise, connecting through a coffee shop or other public connection could cause poor service.
  • Use a headset to eliminate background noise and feedback. You'll also be able to hear your students better!

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Ready to dive in? Test your equipment with the TakeLessons Classroom system test.


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Classroom is built for Google Chrome. Download Chrome here.

Internet requirements for teaching with TakeLessons Classroom