How do I respond to a question from a student on my mobile device?

Respond to student inquiries from the TakeLessons App for Teachers!

Easily access your messages and send a reply by downloading the iOS app from iTunes or Android App from the Google Play Store. You will need a compatible iPhone, iPad, or Android device. 

(Can’t find the app on your iPad? Adjust your App Store filters to include apps built for iPhone when searching for “TakeLessons.”)

  1. Once downloaded, you will be able to access all of your inquiries from the Inbox tab on your TakeLessons for Teachers App.


  1. Your new messages will appear with a blue letter symbol next to them.


  1. Tap the inquiry to view the message, and type your response in the blank box at the bottom.

Respond_to_AAQ_iOS_first_step.png Respond_to_AAQ_iOS_first_step2.png

4.Once you’re ready, tap send!


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