How to suggest a first-lesson date to new students

Schedule As You Go Students

During the process of Accepting your student, if you don't see a box indicating that your student has a Recurring Schedule, your student is most likely set up for Schedule As You Go. This type of schedule requires you to add lessons to your TakeLessons calendar as you go (lesson by lesson), based on what works best for you and your student.

If your student did not select a start date, you can suggest one during the new student acceptance process.


Your suggestions will show up to them in an email and on their Dashboard. Once they choose a timeslot, you will be notified by email and the classes will be added to the Calendar.



Please reach out to your new student directly within 48 hours of receiving the new student notification to schedule the first lesson. You'll coordinate future lessons based on your combined availability.

Recurring Students

If your new student requested a timeslot that you’re unable to accommodate, you will have the option to Accept the student, but Decline the timeslot. If you have Declined the timeslot, you are able to suggest a new lesson time. Your suggestions will show up to them in an email and on their dashboard.


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