Promote yourself with photos

A great profile picture will help you attract more students

Parents and students look at your profile picture to better understand who you are, and ultimately decide if they want to spend time with you each week. Your profile photo is your first chance to grab the attention of a prospective student and make a great first impression.

Tips for a winning profile photo

  • Use a recent picture that identifies you as an instructor.
  • Select a close-up picture that clearly shows your full face.
  • Use a high-resolution picture that is in focus and has good lighting.
  • Be sure to smile (headshot-style).
  • No group photos please; your main profile picture should be of you, alone. (You can add group shots to your profile here.)
  • If you teach more than one subject, pick a neutral picture that doesn't include an instrument or prop. (Example: If you're holding a guitar, potential piano students might pass you over.)

Pro Tip: Rotate your profile picture, and pick a new one every couple of months. This can keep your profile current, and will give you an idea of what type of picture students respond to.

Here are a few examples of great profile pictures:


Add more media to your profile

Photos and videos are your chance to help potential students get to know you before they book lessons. Any media on your profile should give students a glimpse of who you are as a teacher, and help them get to know your teaching style. Some excellent choices include:

  • An Introduction video that illustrates your teaching approach
  • Photos or videos of you teaching others, your recitals, and your studio space
  • Examples of your work

 Things to avoid

  • Selfies, odd cropping, or "sexy" photos--just be natural, approachable, and professional.
  • Filters that block the view of your face.
  • Media or photos that contain your full last name or direct contact information.

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