Why isn't my profile listed in Search?

If your Insights dashboard shows that you weren’t active in Search results on TakeLessons.com last week, check the list below to see if you need to update your profile settings. Don’t worry- you’ll be back in Search within 4 to 24 hours after you make any necessary changes.

Did you start less than a week ago?

The metrics on your Insights dashboard reflect how your profile performed last week. If your profile went live in the marketplace less than 7 days ago, you won't have any performance to display yet. Don't worry- the metrics update each Monday at 2AM PDT. 

Is your profile set to “Available for new students?”


If you have Available for new students? Set to No, your profile won’t be active in Search results. Students won’t be able to find your profile, or ask you questions.

See your current settings in your Profile tab.

Partners may set their status to “unavailable” when they’re taking a break from teaching, or when their studios are so booked they don’t have time to accept new students. If you profile was set to “unavailable” last week, just set it to “Available:”

  1. Log in to your TakeLessons account and navigate to your Profile tab
  2. Under Available for new students? Click Yes.


 Do all your locations have availability?

Each location you offer can have its own unique availability. Availability is required for a location to be bookable. Click here to see how to update a location’s availability.


Have you responded to an Ask A Question Message?

The Ask A Question feature is a great tool to connect with potential students. You can answer questions beforehand to insure you are a good fit. If you miss a question, we’ll assume you unavailable and pause your account. To reactivate, just log back into your account and you’ll be back in searches! Click here to learn more.

When is the last time you logged in?

We want to make sure you are available for students, so we ask partners to login at least every 60 days. You can login through your desktop, mobile device or through the iOS app.


Please note it can take up to 24 hours to reappear in search after you’ve made these changes. If you have made all suggested changes and are still not appearing in Search results, please reach out to our support team at info@takelessons.com.