How do I choose a great thumbnail photo?

Your thumbnail photo is the first item a student sees while scrolling content.

Be sure your thumbnail can catch the student's eye! Avoid dark photos and make sure it is related to the topic you are teaching. We display the class subject, title, and level for you, so your thumbnail can be a picture without additional text or animations. The photo must be real-life photography.

Your photo must follow these guidelines:

  • To avoid copyright issues, be sure to only use royalty-free stock images from the internet. 

  • Horizontally orientated photos are recommended. You can crop the image when uploading.

  • We recommend a large image of at least 2800px width and 1400px height.  Smaller images will still work but may appear pixelated for some students. 

  • The photo must be in color (not B&W).

  • The image should relate to the class topic. Here are a few examples:

    • If it is a conversation class, use the image of a group of friends chatting.
    • If it is a piano class, use the image of a student playing the piano at home.
    • If it is an audition prep class, use the image of someone on stage.

Your submission will be rejected if:

  • Your photo has text or animations.
  • Your photo is low resolution/quality.
  • Your photo is black and white.
  • Your photo is unrelated to the topic you are teaching is a great site to find free stock photos. 

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