How do I create my first video?

Uploading a video to Live Studio gives you the ability to earn passive income, as long as your content continues to receive views. Videos are a great way to help students practice on their own and come prepared to class with thoughtful questions.

Review these steps to create your first Live Studio video:

1. Choose a great video topic.

Prerecorded videos allow you to share your knowledge with eager-to-learn students in between classes and lessons. Consider filming topics that would answer student's commonly asked questions, or exercises to stay sharp.

For more video topic ideas, click here.

2. Set up your filming location.

Your studio set-up and video quality speak volumes regarding you as a business professional. You have the potential to leave a lasting impression by taking the time to improve your teaching space. Always film in a quiet space with plenty of lighting on and around you, and use a high-quality camera.

For more information on how to improve your production quality, click here.

3. Polishing your content and creating a thumbnail.

Once you have your raw footage, use editing software to cut out bloopers or dead air, and add transitions when necessary. If you cover new vocabulary, add text to your video to help students digest the material. Your thumbnail can be a screenshot straight from your video to give students a sneak peek while browsing our library. 

To learn more about choosing a great thumbnail, click here.

4. Upload your video with a compelling title and description.

You are one step away from earning extra income. Login to Live Studio and upload your video with a catchy title and brief description. Your title needs to quickly tell the student what they will learn and sound interesting enough to watch.

To learn more about writing your title and description, click here.

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