How do I format my content title and description?

Have a great idea for a video or group class? Now it's time to share it with students! 

Content Title

Your title should quickly tell the student what they may learn. Be sure to mention the topic or concept you are teaching, and include a call-to-action verb to tell students your class is interactive.

While writing your title, consider the following:

  • Use verbs and calls to action. Example verbs are:
      • Practice, Perform, Play, Learn, Incorporate
  • State the topic or concept you will focus on
  • Avoid mentioning the level and subject - we display that info for you!
  • Capitalize the first letter of each word excluding the, an, a, in, etc.
  • Your title should be <60 characters

The following information should be omitted from your title:

  • Level - Beginner, 101, etc
  • Subject 
  • Duration 
  • Your name
  • The words "class" and "lesson" 
  • Punctuation - commas, exclamation marks, etc.

Content Description

The description should provide further explanation of what the student should expect to learn or practice in class. Your description should clearly explain what the student will take away from your class in 3-4 sentences. Be sure to explain the activities you will lead in your video or class. Avoid talking about yourself, and reread your work from the perspective of the student. Your description must be written in full, complete sentences. 

While writing your 3-4 sentence description, consider the following:

  • Speak directly to the target audience in the second person - "In this class, you will learn..."
  • Clarify what the student can expect
  • Identify a pain point that you will address
  • Keep it benefit-driven
  • Touch on the bigger “why”
  • Avoid talking about yourself - "I will teach you..."

Note: Class submissions will be rejected for any grammatical errors or missing capitalizations.

Content title examples:

Not-So-Great Titles: Ukulele Chords 1 or Beginner Ukulele Class

Improved Titles: Learn New Ukulele Chords or Practice Easy Ukulele Chords

Description Examples

Class Title: Practice Easy Ukulele Chords

Class Description: In this class, students will learn and practice easy chords on the ukulele with an expert instructor. { Teacher name } will lead students through exercises to improve their speed and agility while playing. These exercises are designed to build muscle memory while transitioning between chords. Students will leave class with helpful tips to continue improving after class and unlock 100s of songs with just a few, easy chords.


Video Title: Learn 25 Animal Signs

Video Description: In this video, Sarah will teach you 25 common animals in ASL. Watch until the end to learn how to ask "What is your favorite animal?" and "May I pet your dog?"