How do I schedule a class?

Your class is approved! Now it's time to schedule.

We encourage scheduling classes at least 2 weeks in advance so that students have the time to plan to attend. 

  1. Head to the Calendar section of Live Studio, then click Add Event near the top-right of the screen.takelessons_image_schedule_a_class__1_.jpg

  2. Select the class you wish to schedule and the date and time of your event. Be sure to double-check your selected class, date, and time before clicking Schedule Class. Your class cannot be rescheduled once submitted. takelessons_image_Untitled_drawing__5_.jpg

We encourage you to set a reminder for the event in your personal calendar and invite your students to attend. Classes cannot be scheduled when:

  •  You have a lesson or class already scheduled at that date and time
  • Another teacher is scheduled to teach the selected event

Canceling classes

Be aware that 3+ cancellations in 1 month may result in suspension or removal from Live Studio, so double-check your schedule before adding events.

For more information about our class cancellation policy, click here.