How does Live Studio impact my private lessons business?

Creating content and teaching classes using Live Studio does not have a negative impact on your private lesson business. It's actually positive.

You are welcome to do both or choose one or the other. However, each student in your group class is a potential new private lesson student. We often see students purchasing private lessons after taking group classes with a new teacher. Do not hesitate to remind your group class students that you're available for private lessons. Your private lessons are bookable via their account after class.

Are your private lesson students searching for extra support outside of their lessons?

Your private students are welcome to join your group classes and view your videos, too! New students can try TakeLessons Live for free for the first 14 days. After that, it's a low monthly fee for unlimited access to your content. Do you have a private TakeLessons student? They receive a discounted membership if they contact our support team.