What are recommended video topics?

Consider these suggestions while brainstorming video topics

  • Vocabulary Power Packs

Brainstorm 20 new words relevant to a specific topic or event. Try your best to include the number of new words or phrases in your title and description. It is very helpful to add text to your video so the student can see the spelling.

  • Exercises and Warm-Ups

A video with exercises that a student can watch between classes, or a daily warm-up video to watch before class, has the potential to be viewed multiple times. Consider recording exercises to improve a specific technique, too.

  • Tips and Tricks

Brainstorm videos that you wish you watched as a beginner, or information you find yourself repeating in classes and lessons. Videos that will have a student notice immediate improvement will have them build trust in your teachings. Try to include the number of tips and tricks you are sharing in your video title and description. 

  • How-To Videos

Tutorial and How-To videos are sure to receive views. Some examples are "How to Play the Chorus to Riptide," “How to Walk into an Audition Room,” and “Introducing Yourself to the In-Laws in French.”

Tips while recording

  • Content should be well-planned in advance, but not scripted
  • Content should match the title/description of the video you’re creating