What is the perfect length for a video?

Videos of any length will be accepted and published in Live Studio, but what are students more likely to watch?

We recommend filming videos incremented by digestible amounts of content, not a specified amount of time. Each subject and topic may take less or more time to teach, so there is no magic number for your video duration.

The best way to decide if your students will watch your video until the end is to watch the video itself.

While watching, ask yourself:

  • Did I provide definitions for all vocabulary that may be new to the students?
  • If the concept that I am teaching is difficult, did I reiterate the value of learning the topic?
  • Did I ever trail off-topic at any point? If so, could I refer to another video that is previously created or in the works?

After watching your video, you may notice that your video needs additional content, or some segments cut out. You are more likely to have a student watch your video until the end if you do!