What subjects are offered?

We accept content for any subject listed on TakeLessons.

Partners can create content in the form of videos and live group classes for any subject listed on TakeLessons. We have over 10 active subjects available to students, and new subjects are launching each month! Visit the Subjects section of your account to view the status of the subjects listed on your profile.

What subjects can I create content for that will appear in student accounts right away?

Available Subjects list subjects that are already available to students and listed on your public profile. This means that your approved video content is viewable to students right away. Approved classes can be scheduled immediately. Ready to increase your earnings? Start here!


How will I know when a subject is scheduled for launch?

We will announce a launch date via email once we receive enough content to add a new subject to student accounts. The launch date is also posted in the Subjects section of Live Studio. That way, you have time to add events to the calendar and prepare materials. 

Subjects Coming Soon lists the remaining subjects on your profile that are not yet available to students, but we are accepting content to prepare for the launch. A status bar is provided under each subject as a visual to view when a subject is expected to launch.