Where do students come from?

Thousands of students have access to your content and classes on Live Studio.

Content created using Live Studio will appear in thousands of TakeLessons student accounts, plus we have new students across the world joining every day.

Focus on what you love, let us bring you the students.

Our marketing team is working day and night to share your content with the world. Our goal is to bring you eager, ready-to-learn students by using social media, paid ads, and collaborating with other music and language companies.

More than ever before, students are going online to learn.

Online learning will only become more popular over time. Help us pioneer a new content creation platform for students. We are counting on you to make binge-worthy content so we can continue to attract new students. 

Your private lesson students can join us, too. 

Your private students are also welcome to join your group classes and view your videos! New students can try TakeLessons Live for free for the first 14 days. After that, it's a low monthly fee for unlimited access to all of our content. Do you have a private TakeLessons student? They receive a discounted membership if they contact our support team.

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