What types of pictures and videos should I add to my profile?

Pictures and videos help students to better understand who you are!

Students use videos and pictures to get to know their prospective teacher and ultimately use them as a tool to decide if they are interested in signing up for lessons with you.

Post pictures/videos of you teaching others, your recitals, show examples of your work, and/or use them to display your studio space!  Since students are not able to meet with you in person prior to signing up for lessons, adding media to your profile is a great way to give them more insight into who you are as a teacher and tell them a little more about your teaching style!

Below are examples of additional pictures our teachers have posted:

Diane G. shared this picture of a holiday concert she put on for her students


Lindsay S., a health coach, posted a picture of her with some of her nutrition clients


Andre L. shows prospective students his goofy side while playing his bass


Kim K., a crocheting teacher, shows students some of her work to give them an idea of what they can learn to make


Jason S. showcases the impressive selection of guitars his students can work with


Below are examples of great videos our teachers have posted:

Eulis K. created this short video to introduce himself and tell students more about his approach to teaching

Kelvin L. posted a video testimonial from one of his parents hyping why he is such a wonderful teacher


Jessica D. created a silly and memorable video that shows off her sparkling personality


Lee W. teaches prospective students how to play an E Major 7 guitar chord



How do I add or edit photos & videos to my profile?

How do I upload a video clip to my profile?