How do I change the price of a scheduled lesson on my calendar?

Click Edit Lesson and change the price

If the student is switching lesson locations or adjusting to a new duration, you can edit the existing lesson schedule to reflect the price difference. However, you will not be able to adjust only the price of a paid lesson.

If you will be adjusting your rate for the students existing duration or location, and your student has agreed to pay the new rate prior to completing their paid credits, they may need to contact our support team to have their paid credits adjusted to the new price. 

We recommend only changing the price of lessons that are Unpaid.  Changing the location or duration of a Paid lesson will make the lesson become Unpaid until your student purchases a new lesson credit to pay for the lesson (this could delay your ability to mark the lesson and get paid).

STEP 1 Select the lesson you'd like to edit from the Calendar tab.


STEP 2 Click the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner of the Lesson Details window. Click Edit Lesson.


STEP 3 Change the price of the lesson and save your changes. Your student will be notified automatically.

(Note: If the adjustment requires your student to make a payment for the difference in price, they will need to log into their account to make authorize the payment before the lesson appears as paid on your schedule)


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