Why are my Current and Forecasted Earnings different from my paycheck?


It all comes down to marking attendance

Your Earnings page includes your Earnings Report and Past Statements to give you a quick look at how your finances are shaping up in real-time. Sometimes, you may notice that your paycheck is different from your Current Earnings as listed in your Earnings Report. Here's why:

Earnings Report

The earnings report shows you the actual and forecasted amount you're on track to earn based on when your lessons are scheduled. These numbers may differ from your actual weekly payments since your final payment is calculated based on when you mark attendance for your lessons, not when they actually occurred. In order for your Current and Forecasted Earnings to remain as accurate as possible, we encourage to you mark your lessons within the pay period they are scheduled.

Past Statements

Here you will find a list of all your past pay statements, including the actual lessons that were included in each payment. Remember, we process EFT payments weekly for all lessons marked during that week, regardless of when the lesson actually occurred. In other words, if you forgot to mark a lesson from last week, you'll get paid for it this week when you mark it. 


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