What should I do if I want my students to pay for lessons Monthly? (Switch to Monthly Reserve billing)

Create a Recurring Schedule 

If you'd like your student to pay for lessons on a monthly basis, simply make sure your student is set up with a Recurring Schedule.  A Recurring Schedule is required for automatic monthly payments to be an option via Monthly Reserve billing. 

Edit your student's lesson schedule and make sure you set the lessons to repeat. Once you've set lessons up to repeat, your student has a Recurring Schedule and will be enrolled in Monthly Reserve billing.

To ensure your students have a great experience with scheduling and paying for lessons, please be sure to review what this change means with your students. By giving your student a Recurring Schedule, you are switching from Schedule As You Go (no automatic billing plan) to a Recurring Schedule with Monthly Reserve billing. If your student has Auto Pay enabled on their account, that means they will be charged automatically for future lessons

Review the details of all scheduling and payment options

How to create a Recurring Schedule 

Click on a lesson from your C****alendar to edit your student's lesson schedule, or add a new lesson.


Enter your lesson details and include the repeating schedule (every week, every 2 weeks, etc).


NOTE: Students on the Schedule As You Go plan still pay for lessons in advance, but we will not create a monthly bill for them since they buy lessons as they need them through their TakeLessons account online.

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