Why aren't all of my subjects appearing on my public profile?

Make sure the subject is set to be displayed on your profile

When adding new subjects to your teaching profile each subject must have their own short description. In addition, the option to "show on profile" must be turned to YES for students to be able to view this subject on your profile and sign up for lessons with you.

STEP 1 Log in to your TakeLessons account and go to the Profile page.  Then navigate to the Subjects tab to see what Subjects you've indicated that you teach. Any subjects that are not currently displayed on your profile are listed under the "Not shown on profile" section. Click the pencil icon to Edit the information for any of your subjects.  


STEP 2 A side panel will appear, update or add any specific information about this particular subject.  This information will appear at the top of your profile when a student searches for that subject and views your profile.  Use this section to get students excited about taking lessons with you and give them information on what they can expect.

When done, scroll to the bottom and make sure the "show on profile" option is turned to YES. Click Save.