Audio, Video, and Share Screen Controls

The video below will show you how to use the audio, video, and share screen controls inside TakeLessons Classroom. 

Supported Internet Browsers

Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are the supported internet browsers with TakeLessons Classroom.

Your Audio and Video Controls

The first 2 controls on the bottom of your classroom are your camera and microphone. The gear icon located near the bottom-right allows you to change your default camera and microphone. 

Student Audio Controls

After you click Start Class, 2 additional buttons will appear. The button to the right is the Mute-All feature. This is automatically enabled at the start of every class. 

The audio icon next to each student name under the Class Roster will have a slash appear while Mute-All enabled. You can Listen to one student at a time by clicking the microphone icon next to their name. If the icons are grey, the student disabled their audio (or video) settings on their end.

Share Screen Controls

The third button from the left is the Share Screen tool. We recommend using  Application Window, or Chrome Tab while using Share Screen. You can also use Entire Screen if you have 2+ monitors.

Avoid displaying your group classroom at any point in front of the class. We do not want to share our student’s video feeds without their permission.