Class Roster Controls

The video below will show you how to manage and view students' video and audio controls. 

Class Roster Sections

The first section displays students who have their video camera enabled.

The second section displays students who have reached a milestone. Calling out student milestones is part of our group class welcome script.

Student Audio and Video Controls

The 2 icons on the left side of each student name control the user's audio and video settings. If their icon is grey, the student disabled their controls. If the icon has a slash through it, you have disabled the controls. 

The Mute-All feature will disable audio for every student in attendance. If the Mute-All button is enabled, you can Listen to one student at a time by clicking their audio icon. This is helpful when you have a large class and a student has a quick question.

Raise Hand Feature

If you are looking for volunteers, request students to use the Raise Hand feature. They will appear in a new section in Class Roster in order of who raised their hand first. You can dismiss the student by clicking on their hand icon. 

Rotating Students in View

We recommend rotating which students appear in your 3 active panels throughout the class. You can drag and drop their name from Class Roster into a panel.

Note: Students cannot see or hear each other unless they are Spotlighted. For more information about Spotlighting a student in front of the class, click here.