Deleting Messages and Blocking Students

The video below will show you how to delete messages and block students.

Reasons to Block a Student

It is the instructor's responsibility to maintain control of class, and host a safe online learning environment for students. Here are common reasons to block students in class:

  • The student makes rude/derogatory comments to you or other students
  • The student acts inappropriately on camera
  • The student spams the classroom chat

In most cases, students will stop acting disruptively/inappropriately if the instructor provides a general warning to class. If the student continues, review the steps below to handle a student.

How to Block a Student

First, click the gear icon located near the top-right of the Class Roster. Next, select which student you need to block. You can also block a student while simultaneously deleting a message.

A blocked student can only observe the rest of the class in webinar mode. Their video and audio are disabled for the rest of the class, and they cannot raise their hand or write in the chat. You may have to block a young student in class for causing a distraction to other students.

Note: You cannot _unbloc_k a student from your class. Students will still be able to join other classes scheduled that day. 

How to Delete Chat Messages

Hover over the message you would like to delete in chat, then click the stacked dots that appear. You will see the option to “Delete Message” or “Delete Message and Block Student.”

Where to Report Inappropriate Behavior

Report any inappropriate or suspicious behavior to TakeLessons immediately after class by emailing