How to present (Spotlight) a student in front of class

This video will show you how to present a student in front of the class, otherwise known as Spotlighting

How to Spotlight

When a student is Spotlighted, everyone in attendance can see and hear them, as long as they have their audio and video enabled. You must ask permission before Spotlighting a student. 

The star in the upper-right corner of their video panel will enable and disable Spotlight. 1 or 2  students can be spotlighted at a time. Be sure to disable Spotlight immediately after a student is done sharing.

When to Spotlight

Spotlighting is commonly used during:

  • exercises
  • perform or practice
  • have a conversation
  • ask a question It is likely that other students have the same question! 

Underage Students (16 and under)

Students under the age of 16 must have parent or guardian’s permission to present in front of class. If the student says they do not have permission, disable their camera under Class Roster before Spotlighting. They can still share their audio.

Note: They can always present or ask questions without being Spotlighted. For tips to best handle student questions, watch our video example here.