How to troubleshoot technical difficulties in TakeLessons Classroom

Are you experiencing audio or video issues in TakeLessons Classroom? 

You will only receive earnings for teaching group classes if it takes place in TakeLessons Classroom, so we strongly advise testing your camera, microphone, and internet speed prior to teaching your first class. Click here to test your device.

If students are unable to see or hear you in class, review each step below to resolve the issue.

1. Check which web browser you are using.

TakeLessons Classroom is only compatible with the following internet browsers on a desktop or laptop computer:

We recommend switching to a different web browser if you are unable to successfully connect using one of the above. You may find that one browser will work better for you than another.

2. Check for available updates for your web browser and clear cached files and cookies.

Check to see if your web browser is up-to-date and regularly clear cached files and cookies to ensure your browser is running optimally.


Third, close any other applications or browser windows that may have access to your camera or microphone. You may have to restart your device to clear the settings.

If you are still unable to connect your audio or video, another application or tab may have access to your camera and microphone. Restarting your computer will typically resolve this issue.

3. Check if your device has an available update. 

Always check and see if your device itself has an available update. These may take a while to install, so we recommend having updates install automatically on your computer.

If the 3 steps above do not resolve your technical issues...

As a reminder, group classes are only taught using TakeLessons Classroom. Please do not share links to other platforms. If you are still unable to connect under any supported internet browser, you may need to use another device to teach group classes. 

Contact TakeLessons immediately if you are unable to teach a class due to technical difficulties so we can notify students who attended. If you are aware that you are unable to teach at least one hour prior to the scheduled start time, cancel the class from your teacher account.