The student's view of TakeLessons Live Classroom

The video below will show you the student's view of the TakeLessons Live classroom. 

Before Class Begins

Students can join a class up to 10 minutes before the scheduled start time. Our waiting room allows students to register for upcoming classes, plus read tips to improve their connection and experience during class.


Student Audio and Video Controls

Students can enable and disable their camera and microphone before and during class. A lock icon will appear if the Mute-All feature is enabled.

Be sure to ask students to enable their camera and audio to receive the best classroom experience. You can remind them that only you, the teacher, can see or hear them unless they are spotlighted.


If a student has a question, or they want to participate, they can use the Raise Hand feature or write in the chat. It's helpful to remind students that you may not be able to see their video feed. 

You may experience students chatting with each other. That’s okay, as long as the conversation is appropriate. There is a teacher-only filter in the case students only want to focus on what is presented.