How do I access my student's Lesson Journal?

Each student you teach online through TakeLessons Classroom has a Lesson Journal. For each private one-on-one lesson, the Student Lesson Journal stores all of the notes and files you and your students shared while chatting in Classroom, as well as any videos you created by recording your lessons. You and your student can access all of these materials at any time.

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Access your student's Lesson Journal

  1. Log in to your TakeLessons Teacher account.

  2. Open your Roster page, and click on the student's name.


  1. While viewing the student's individual account page, click Journal.

  2. In your student's Lesson Journal, you can click on any video to play it instantly.  


  1. Any files you shared with your student will appear below the video recordings; click on any file to download it for yourself.

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