How do I remove a student from my Roster?

When a student has completed their lessons, you have the option of removing them from your roster.

1. Find your student in your Roster

Log in to your TakeLessons teacher account and open your Roster page.


Find your student in your Roster list.
(Can’t find your student? Select All, or use the Search feature.)


Click on your student’s name link to open their Student Details page.


2. Open your student’s Settings

In your student’s Details page, open Settings.

Click Remove Student.


3. Explain why the student is being removed

From the drop-down menu, select your reason for deleting the student.

If you would like the TakeLessons Student Support team to reach out to the student, check Notify TakeLessons to follow up with the student, and type a brief note in the text box.

Click Confirm.