Announcing redesigned private Docs profile

This post is written by Hui Xie, Senior Program Manager on

Docs profile has been fully reimagined with the full scope of products now represented. The redesigned private Docs profile provides a noticeably improved user experience in every way. Each page has been revised to enable you with more visibility of learning progress and profile settings. The new profile structure also allows for future enhancements in the future.

This feature was designed with your feedback in mind. Our Research team conducted an extensive set of user interviews, spearheaded by Rachel Price, where she used a variety of professional methods to understand and verify use cases and top-of-mind tasks from our users.

The main updates include,

  • Easily discoverable profile settings
  • A new ‘Training’ page to track your learning progress including challenges
  • A consistent, improved look-and-feel across the entirety of the Docs Profile

In addition, you're encouraged to return to Docs more frequently by placing your most recent items over the past 30 days at the home page of your private Docs profile to help you pick up where you left off, and your latest Q&A activities will be displayed on your public profile to show your recent contribution to the Q&A community.

Here is an example of how the private Docs profile looks like:

profile in private view

Here’s an example of how the public Docs profile looks like (when private mode is off):

profile in public view

Note: public profile has been updated alignment purposes – more info to come in the future.

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