This post was written by Jeff Sandquist, General Manager, Developer Relations for Cloud + AI Division.

Today we’re announcing the release of our new learning website called Microsoft Learn – the best place to start learning Microsoft technologies.

Why Microsoft Learn?

Our mission is to empower every developer, architect, and IT administrator of all backgrounds and in every organization to achieve more. Keeping up with the rate of change in our industry can be difficult for even the most plugged-in professional. Trying to do so while juggling personal and professional obligations can be near impossible. We built Microsoft Learn so that you could have one stop for self-paced, guided learning on all of our platform products and services.

We launched in 2016 with a clear vision to create a modern web experience for content to enable and empower you to be your best. Today, our site has grown to include technical documentation for every product and service at Microsoft, from HoloLens to Azure. In the coming months, you’ll see us invest even more in great technical content.

Documentation provides deep technical information about specific topics. But for mastery, you also need a broader view of how topics fit together to form a cohesive whole. Since our launch, we’ve had the opportunity to talk and meet with many developers and hear what would make a great learning environment for you:

  • You want context of how technical topics contribute to big solutions.
  • You want one place to learn with the most current content.
  • You want to learn in a way that mimics how technology is used in “the real world”.
  • You want to learn at your own pace, when you have time.
  • You want to learn by doing – the more hands-on, the better.
  • And wouldn’t it be nice if these learning opportunities were FREE?

Welcome to Microsoft Learn

Today we’re launching with more than 80 hours of learning content for Azure, Dynamics 365, PowerApps, Microsoft Flow, and Power BI. Among that content, you’ll find experiences that will help get you ready for new certification exams for developers, administrators, and solution architects.

  • All content is organized by a learning path, giving you an end-to-end view of a technology area and ensuring that you build a comprehensive skillset.
  • Learning paths consist of step-by-step tutorials with interactive coding environments that provide free fixed-time access to Azure resources - without requiring a credit card.
  • As you use Microsoft Learn, you can track progress, check knowledge, and validate deployments to earn points, levels, achievements, and trophies.

A quick tour of the Microsoft Learn experience

Earlier I mentioned our mission is to empower every developer, architect, and IT administrator of all backgrounds and in every organization to achieve more. So with that, I’m telling you there’s so much more to come from Microsoft Learn.

We’re adding additional products, roles, learning paths and features. And we can’t wait for you to dig in.

We want your feedback!

We hope you enjoy Microsoft Learn and please send us your feedback to what product training and features you’d like to see next.