Autosave available in Microsoft Q&A


AutoSave is a new feature available in Microsoft Q&A that saves your in-progress post (question, answer, comment, or site feedback) every few seconds, as you work. Autosave helps reduce the risk of data loss in case of moving away before submission or a submission error.


Devada has developed an autosave feature to help reduce the risk of data loss in cases where users navigate away from the page before submitting their post or when the submission fails.

Feature has some limitations such as being based on user's browser and session and only storing one draft per content type (question, answer, comment, or site feedback).

While the feature will not cover all the user scenarios, we hope this will alleviate most of the common scenarios where customers were losing their posts.


We have created customer-facing documentation to thoroughly explain how this feature works.

How does this affect me?

If you answer questions on Microsoft Q&A, you will see a reduction on posts lost. If you have been in contact with customers that have been reporting data loss, please help advertise the feature. Make sure you include the link to the documentation, as the feature has limitations.


I would like to thank Vamsi Shankaran for all the thorough testing and scenario validation done. We identified few bugs on this feature and Vamsi was instrumental in getting all the bugs fixed. Thank you to our partners in Azure CXP and CSS for helping testing the feature. Thank you to James Benson for the code updates in our front-end integration to allow this feature to work on question titles.

Feedback on this change

We would love to hear from you. Please reach out to us and share your feedback through our feedback channel.