Help and support articles about Microsoft Q&A moved to Docs


The Microsoft Q&A product team was using articles within Q&A to help users to learn more about the platform and some of the key features and workflows. However, this solution had few issues such as poor navigation and readability for users and maintenance overhead. As a result, we have move these articles to Microsoft Docs.


By moving the help articles about Microsoft Q&A to Docs we have many benefits and some tradeoffs listed below. The most important thing for us was the customer experience. So we are using 301 redirections from the existing articles to the new ones. Thus, if a user has an article bookmarked or they are following, when they access the article, they will be redirected to the new experience.


Key benefits about this change:

  • Users will have a consistent experience with the rest of Docs as they can navigate through the table of contents or click on any link in the main page.
  • This aligns with the way Profile and Learn offer support to our users.
  • Users get the standard Light, Dark, and High Contrast themes.

User experience:

  1. If you have bookmarked any help article in Q&A, you will be redirect to Docs instead of staying in Q&A.
  2. Voting for an article is replaced with the standard “Is this helpful?” standard rating in Docs.

Experience in Microsoft Q&A

Home page for the Q&A help articles in Q&A

New experience in Docs

Home page for the Q&A help articles in Docs

As with any changes, there are some tradeoffs we have to make:

  • Comments are not ported. We addressed any actionable comments before the migration. Rest of the comments were not actionable or not related to Microsoft Q&A.
  • Users will not get notifications when the content changes.