Release Notes - March 2018

Heading for March release notes post

This post was written by Dan Fernandez, Principal Group Program Manager in the Cloud + Enterprise Division.

Check out the latest release notes from March. We published some new documentation, as well as migrated more of the MSDN content over in an effort to make sure you can find all the right documentation in one place.

New Documentation Releases

The following documentation sets are new and now available on

Contributor Highlights

Every month, we get hundreds of contributions to our documentation from our community. We want to recognize them and make sure that the world knows who helps make Microsoft documentation awesome, so we start by highlighting some of the contributors - every month!

Trevor Seward

Trevor Seward

Trevor is a Office Servers and Services MVP. He is also an active contributor to docs, with a focus on SharePoint. He can be found on Twitter and The SharePoint Farm.

Luke Latham

Luke has been contributing to our documentation for a while, so it's no surprise he made it into the list of top contributors this month. His focus is ASP.NET. In addition to GitHub, Luke can also be found on Twitter.

Maxime Coquerel

Maxime Coquerel

Maxime is an Azure MVP, and this past month he has been diligently submitting fixes to the French version of our Azure docs. He can be found on GitHub and Twitter.

Content Migrated from MSDN

Need content for older products or services, such as release notes, deployment guides, or how-to articles? Then bookmark this page for a quick list of all the latest content migrated from MSDN and TechNet to The following article sets were moved over this month:

And this is just the beginning! Not only will we ensure that the content is properly relocated, but also that links point to the new content on automatically - if you catch any broken links, report them and we will try to resolve them as soon as possible.

New Features & Tools

JavaScript API Browser

We want to make sure that no matter what platform you are developing on, finding the right Microsoft API documentation is extremely easy. We've already launched API Browser experiences for Python, PowerShell and .NET, and today we are launching the JavaScript API Browser:

JavaScript API Browser

English Overlay Switcher

When reading localized content, it's now easier than ever to make sure that you can get the original version of the content by hovering over the translated text - or you can disable that altogether with the help of the new overlay switcher:

Switch to disable translation overlay

Image Lightbox

Wondering what is the best way to view that high-resolution image that is embedded in an article you are reading? You can now just click on it, and we will display the full resolution image, with a convenient way to zoom in to any part of it with the help of the new lightbox feature:

Lightbox in Xamarin documentation

Scrolling Tables

A table doesn't fit the screen? No problem! You can now scroll through it horizontally!

Scrolling table


There are more things planned for this year, and we are excited for you to see them!

In the meantime, make sure to follow our blog and Twitter account for the latest updates. If you have any feature suggestions or ideas, don't forget to open a new issue on GitHub.

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