Welcome to the Microsoft Learn Community, a collection of experiences offering you a variety of ways to connect and engage with each other and technical experts.

Empowering learning through connection

We are all here to support each other in our learning journey, and these community engagements offer more ways for you to increase expertise on the topics that matter most to you and achieve career goals. You’re at the heart of our community, and we welcome everyone to join, learn, and grow.

Tech Community

Get the latest updates on Microsoft Learn news, connect with experts, and be a part of the conversation at the Microsoft Learn hub on Tech Community. If you want to ask a question, start a conversation about Microsoft Learn, get clarity on which path to take, or what certification to explore next, you're in the right place!

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Microsoft Q&A

Seeking a technical answer? You can find it on Microsoft Q&A, home for technical questions and answers at Microsoft. Providing a rich online experience, Microsoft Q&A helps you easily find learning resources, submit questions, and connect with Microsoft engineering and community experts.

Learning rooms

Join our learning rooms, a space to find connections with experts and peers. Facilitated by Microsoft Learn experts, learning rooms are designed to offer you a dedicated and safe environment where you can directly engage with an expert and dive deep into topic-specific questions via asynchronous discussions and virtual sessions.

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Microsoft Learn experts

The Microsoft Learn Community experiences are supported by technical subject matter experts, which are present throughout our community resources based on their area of expertise. Connect with this worldwide network of experts who have technical and training experience, are passionate about the community, and can offer unique knowledge to help you achieve your skilling goals.

Community resources

  • Digital swag

    Celebrate your sense of community with exclusive Microsoft Learn digital assets.

  • Shows

    Discover hours of insightful and informative original programming.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need a Microsoft Learn profile to join the community?

No. However, while a profile is not required, we do encourage you to create one as this will provide you with added benefits such as viewing personalized recommendations, tracking progress on learning activities and achievements, joining challenges, and registering for certification exams. Learn more.

Who can join a Microsoft Learn Community learning room?

Learning rooms are free and open to anyone seeking a connected, supportive, and engaging community experience in which to learn. The learning rooms are facilitated by Microsoft Learn experts, who are verified technical subject matter experts with experience in technical skilling and community support. You can join as many learning rooms as you want, if they cover a topic that you are interested in skilling up on. We’re just getting started, so stay tuned for more details about learning rooms and experts as we develop and grow this community experience. Find learning rooms.

What languages are supported in the learning rooms?

Learning rooms will initially be available in English only. As we grow and add more global learning experts, we will expand to include more languages for learners around the world.

How do I become a Learn expert?

Microsoft Learn experts are invited to support the Microsoft Learn Community based on their technical subject matter expertise, strong community sense and affiliation, and passion to provide guidance, peer-to-peer engagement, and support to learners, on their own community platforms or on Tech Community. We are currently not accepting applications to become a learning expert, but if you are a technologist with training experience and have a strong passion for community, we invite you to participate and engage on Microsoft Q&A and on the Microsoft Learn hub on Tech Community.

I completed the form to join Learning Room – what now?

You should expect to receive an email within 48 hours confirming you’ve been added to the requested learning room(s). If it’s been more than 48 hours (excluding weekends) and you haven’t received the email, take these steps to access the learning room:

  • Check your junk folder in the event it was directed there inadvertently.
  • Open Microsoft Teams in a private browser and log in using the email you provided in the learning room request form.
  • Select the tenant picker in the top right corner of your screen and select “Microsoft Community & Event Tenant” to switch tenants.
  • If “Microsoft Community & Event Tenant” does not appear in your list of tenants, resubmit the registration form on the Learning room directory page.