Identify the business value of AI in healthcare with INSEAD


The healthcare industry saw much early excitement about the potential transformative benefits of AI, but in practice, these have proven to be slow to unlock – despite many high-profile projects backed by leading companies. There are numerous barriers to adoption of new technology in the sector, including heavy regulation, high stakes for patients, and system complexity. Despite this, the long-term potential - and need - for AI is huge.

Watch this video from Peter Zemsky, INSEAD’s Eli Lilly Chaired Professor of Strategy and Innovation, as he discusses a case involving a telemedicine provider where AI is already delivering real business value today. Peter will cover a wide range of topics from how can AI help unlock the value creation potential of telemedicine, to how MDLIVE used tools like natural language processing (NLP) effectively to improve customer satisfaction.

In healthcare, patients, providers, and payors may see great benefits from the adoption of AI, from shorter wait times to improved patient outcomes, as well as increased patient and provider satisfaction. Data integration from diverse data sets for sophisticated analytics is a critical first step. This data integration, coupled with AI, will yield key insights that will drive value creation in healthcare.

Let’s see how Ochsner Health System is leveraging AI to make it possible for machines to analyze patient data, and predict medical outcomes, in a way that allows for patient privacy while potentially saving money – and lives.