Create, track, review assignments in a Class Team


In a blended learning class, balancing the need to continually check learners’ progress with the volume of work created by doing so is a challenging task. Teams offers the efficiency of creating, tracking, and reviewing assignments directly within the Class Team. Save paper and work more efficiently! In the Assignments tab, create an assignment, attach relevant files, and post the rubric to assess learners’ work so they know exactly what they need to do to be successful on the assignment. Repetitive grading tasks are streamlined, making grading simpler and more organized. It’s intuitive, natural, and incredibly powerful.

Once learners have submitted their work, review it, provide feedback for improvement, and grade it. Because everything is stored in the digital hub, learners will no longer lose their assignments and educators will free themselves from carrying around mounds of handouts and papers to grade. With Teams, educators are able to manage all aspects of their courses in one location.