Support efficiency with the Grades tab 


The Grades tab in Class Teams is designed to support efficiency. Use Grade Sync to sync assignments and grades to Student Information Systems (SIS) that use OneRoster. Based on educator feedback, Teams engineers designed this interface for both learner and educator ease-of-use.

Photograph of a Surface Pro with the grades tab open in a Class Team.

Educators are always looking for ways to monitor learner progress. The Grades tab offers views for both whole-class and individual progress. From the whole-class view, select a specific learner to see their progress or send an email to the parent/guardian on record.

The whole class view is similar to many grade book systems. In this view, educators can see the average scores for each learner across all assignments. These scores may be based on points average or category weighting. Enter grades directly in this view or switch over to individual learner view to enter grades and assignment feedback. Once grades and feedback are returned to the learner, the data is automatically synced to the SIS.

Screenshot of the Grades tab open in a class team.

In the whole class view, see which learners have (or haven’t) turned in an assignment. When a long-term project is almost due, educators can reach out to learners in danger of missing the deadline. Once an assignment or project has been graded, educators can see the class average for every assessment. This insight helps educators determine if they’ve met their learning goals or need to reteach concepts.

Assignments created in Teams are synced directly to the SIS via Grade Sync—the educator never needs to go to another site. Learn more about Grade Sync.