Automate webmail services


WinAutomation enables the automation of webmail services through the Email actions. These actions can retrieve email messages from an Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) server and process them, or they can send messages through a Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) server.

Configure IMAP and SMTP servers

Before using Email actions, you need to configure the server that handles the chosen email account.

To configure the IMAP server to retrieve and process emails, go to the IMAP Server tab in the Retrieve Emails action properties.

The IMAP Server tab of the Retrieve Emails action.


In the Retrieve Emails action, this tab is called IMAP Server, whereas in the Process Emails action, the tab is called IMAP Settings.

In the IMAP Server tab, populate the address, port of the server, and your account credentials. If untrusted certificates are permitted, or if the server uses TLS/SSL, select the Accept Untrusted Certificates or the Enable SSL options, respectively.

The IMAP Server tab populated with server info and user login.

To configure the SMTP server to send emails, go to the SMTP Server tab in the Send Email action properties. The fields are nearly similar to the ones that are found in the IMAP Server tab.

The SMTP Server tab of the Send Email action.

Populate the address, port of the server, and your account credentials. Options to enable SSL/TLS and accept untrusted certificates are also available.

The SMTP Server tab populated with outlook mail server info and credentials.

Retrieve emails

The Retrieve Emails action retrieves emails that meet specific criteria from the server and optionally saves the included attachments on the desktop.

To limit the retrieved emails, filter them according to their parent folder, state, or keywords that are included in various fields.

The Retrieve Emails action with Action Input fields to add text to match in the email From, To, Subject, and Body fields.

Process emails

The Process Emails action runs a series of essential operations in the previously retrieved emails. More precisely, options to delete, mark as unread, and move messages to other folders are included.

The Process Emails action General tab has Action Input fields to move emails to a specified mail folder.

This action accepts as input a list of emails that are specified in the Retrieve Emails action.

The output variable of the Retrieve Emails action.

Send email

The Send Email action creates and sends a new email message. In the action's properties, you can specify the following elements:

  • Sender
  • Sender's displayed name
  • Recipient
  • CC and BCC recipients
  • Subject and body of the new email

The Send Email action with Action Input fields in which to create the email.

Optionally, the email body can be written in HTML, and the email can contain attachments. In the Attachment(s) field, enter the file's path or a variable that contains a file or a list of files.

The Body is HTML check box and the Attachments field in the Send Email action.