Build social and emotional skills in your classroom community with Reflect

K-12 Educator
School Leader
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Each student has emotions as complex and real as their supporting adults – but they don’t always have the words to express and address those emotions. To support the entire student, educators must build a safe place and appropriate scaffolding to help students learn to talk about and take action for social and emotional wellbeing in the classroom.

Learning objectives

In this module, you will:

  • Collect strategies for supporting students in developing language and tools for social and emotional health (based on CASEL Core Competence Areas)
  • Design an introductory lesson to introduce your class to Reflect
  • Create a Social Emotional Learning routine with the Reflect app

ISTE Standards for Educators:

  • Educator - Facilitator
  • Leaders - Connected Learner
  • Leaders - System Designer

UNESCO Standards for Educators:

  • Teacher Professional Learning