Challenge project - Develop foreach and if-elseif-else structures to process array data in C#

Higher Education Educator
K-12 Educator
Visual Studio Code

Demonstrate your ability to update a console app that implements arrays, foreach loops, and if statements in response to a user requested feature update.

Learning objectives

In this module, you'll demonstrate your ability to:

  • Revise a C# console application that uses nested foreach loops to access array data based on an updated feature specification.
  • Update the variables and if statements in a C# console application to create the code branches and calculations required to satisfy an updated feature specification.


  • Experience using Visual Studio Code to develop, build, and run C# console applications that include console I/O and access the methods of .NET classes.
  • Experience using if statements in C# to evaluate an expression and branch code accordingly.
  • Experience using a foreach loop to access elements of array variables.